Our Mission

Our mission is to provide business owners and creators with all the resources they require to create international standard product content.

We provide:

  1. Product Photography and videography services
  2. Studio space to explore your creativity
  3. Professional cameras, tools, and setups for product photography and videography
  4. A wide collection of product props and accessories to choose from
  5. Training and mentorship for product photographers

Our Vision

We as Photoprop aim to bridge the gap between mediocre and outstanding product presentation that meets international standards for local brands

The Birth of Photoprop

You can say none of us ever envisioned working with props and backdrops. This business was birthed during a desperate attempt to find props and backdrops for myself a couple of years back in Ghana.

At the time, I just needed simple items I could use to enhance the pictures of a sister business I was also running. Sadly I was unable to find any in Ghana at that time. So I contacted Kofi my cofounder who was out of the country at that time to get me some. Then it occurred to both of us that if we were desperately searching for simple props to beautify product pictures, other business owners may also be in the same search for product props as well. We put our heads together from there and the rest they say is history. With my experience in managing small scale businesses operations and Digital Marketing, while Kofi coincidentally being a Product designer and Photographer. The team was good to go.

We’ve grown so much since we began in 2019, even more than we envisioned and it’s because of you our loyal family. We appreciate each and every one of you; your purchases, product shoots, reviews, criticisms, social engagements, inquiries,  and all. We look forward to growing with you: better boosting you and your business imagery to remain exquisite.

Hugs and Hashtags##


Meet The Team

Sarah Azu-Benson

Chief of Operations (Cofounder)

Kofi Brako Odame-Kani

Creative Director (Cofounder)

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